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Our handy supplement bundles are ideal for stocking up on all the supplements you need in one easy purchase.

Gut It All: 12-week Gut Programme

We firmly believe everything starts with the Gut, it's central to your health. Our 12-week...
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mood and gut support Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain single sachets

Gut & Brain Dual Pack

take care of your gut-brain axis and improve your physical and mental health with one...
From £70.00
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Gut & Immunity Dual Pack

looking to improve your immune health? Immunity starts in the gut, so this powerful duo...
From £70.00
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Gut, Brain & Immunity Trio Pack

Optimise your physical and mental health with our unstoppable trio, taking care of  your gut,...
From £100.00
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Dip your toe into the world of gut health supplements with our handy 7-day packs, or try something new by investing in one of our multipacks. Once you’ve tried a few different supplement bundles, you might like to subscribe and save too – there are so many options, depending on your individual preferences.

Our supplement bundles and multipacks are all centred around our hero liposomal gut health supplement, aguulp for gut, which contains prebiotics alongside essential vitamins and minerals, and marine collagen to help you take better care of your gut. With our supplement bundles, you can buy aguulp for gut alongside our aguulp for brain formula, aguulp for immunity, or get all three in one ultimate supplement bundle.

aguulp for brain is designed to help improve your memory, focus, and mood, while our aguulp for Immunity formula contains essential vitamins to give your immune system a boost. 

Each power-filled shot in our supplement bundles has ingredients tailored to their particular purpose. We’ve done the homework and found the right combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and essential extracts to go into our liquid supplements to benefit your gut, brain, immune system, and more. We want everyone to feel the benefits of gut health supplements, which is why we’ve put together simple supplement bundles to make taking them convenient and commitment-free.

Liposomal technology is at the heart of each of our gut health supplement bundles. Liposomes are fast-acting super particles that increase the absorption rate of your supplements, helping them to travel to your bloodstream and set to work.

Experience the benefits of liposomes for yourself with one of our supplement bundles, or shop our full range of fast-absorbing liquid supplements.

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