Protecting Yourself Against the Common Cold

We’ve all experienced the common cold before. You always know when it’s about to pounce and it always seems to overstay its welcome, no matter how much lemon and honey you drink or paracetamol you pop. From winter months to even summer months, the common cold lingers, but, there are ways that you can dodge the firing zone.

Vitamin D & Omega 3

The reason why we’re told to spend at least 10m in the sun a day is because our skin produces this magical vitamin in response to exposure to it. Among other things, vitamin D contributes to the normal growth of bones and teeth, as well as improving our resistance to certain diseases and helping support our immune system. A lot of scientific research claims that a deficiency in vitamin D can cause an increased risk of catching a cold, flu or even disease.

Omega 3 is another big contender for helping to protect against the common cold. It is commonly known to improve brain, heart and eye health, but, it too can also help support our immune system. Omega-3 can alter our cells in both the innate and the adaptive immune system, playing a direct role in our immune response.

This is why we’ve got both these top ingredients in our Aguulp for Immunity, to make sure you and your immune system can fight off anything that comes your way.

A Diverse Diet

By having a healthy and diverse diet your body can get all the micronutrients it needs to fuel your immune system. Without having these, your immune system won’t have what it needs to function properly and therefore won’t have the ability to fight colds, flues and even diseases. We were told (and still are) about the importance of our “5 a day” and this is just why! Fruits and veg are packed full of vitamins and minerals which are then converted by our gut microbes into beneficial metabolites that fight any inflammation in our body.

70% Lives in Your Gut

This is where things get even more exciting. We spoke about a diverse diet and in particular diverse fruits and vegetables, this is because eating a variety of plant-based foods that are high in fibre increases the diversity of your gut bacteria. Fruits and vegetables are forms of prebiotic and prebiotics are what feed our “good” gut bacteria enabling a happy and healthy gut. Not just vegetables, but seeds, nuts, legumes and wholegrain foods are also examples and even cold potatoes!

You’re probably thinking “so….”. Well, 70% of our Immune system LIVES in our gut, so you can see why we love talking about it. By supporting your gut, you’re also supporting your Immune system and vice versa. This is why our Aguulp for Gut is not only a prebiotic, but it’s also high in fibre and full of amino acids. Better yet, we created the Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Immunity Dual-Pack so you can get the best of both worlds. Check out Professor Green’s article he wrote about the two on our blog

Getting Outside

If fruit and veg aren’t really your thing, getting outdoors might be. Not only is it great for us mentally and physically, it too can help boost our immune system. Scientific evidence has shown that by breathing in a chemical in the air produced by plants called “phytoncides” can increase our levels of white blood cells which can also help fight colds, flues and even disease.