The Gift Guide

Forget bath bombs, fluffy socks and ugly Christmas jumpers, give a gift that says you really care, give the gift of good health.
We’ve got something for everyone!


For the one you love

Nothing is more important than keeping the ones you love happy and healthy, and Aguulp for Immunity will help do just that. It’s packed with their full daily requirement of vitamins A, B, C, D & E, as well as essential omega 3. Go on, show Gran how much you care.

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For the smarty pants

Whether they’re schooling everyone on games night or smashing through a busy work week at their confusing job (the one they’ve tried to explain to you a thousand times), Aguulp for Brain will help the doers do their thing.

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For the rumbler

86% of the UK population suffers with some kind of gastrointestinal problem, so the chances are, you’ve got a mate or a family member with gut issues. Why not introduce them to Aguulp for Gut? It might just change their life, or at least that’s what our customers are saying!

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For the go-getter

Whether they’re partying till dawn or running a marathon, we all have that one friend that lives life to the fullest. Aguulp for Recovery’s energising blend of electrolytes, vitamins and plant extracts will help them keep on top of their game.

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For the one that needs rest

Call the babysitter and draw them a bath. Aguulp for Sleep will make the perfect addition to a relaxing and restful night in. It’s packed with calming chamomile, soothing lemon balm and sleep inducing pistachio extract. They’ll be no creatures stirring in this house.

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