Gut Supplement and Daily Probiotic Monthly Subscription

Your health starts in the gut.

NEW! Gut & Probiotic Supplement

A powerful blend of Prebioitics & Probiotics for your dominate your gut health.

Prebiotics (stimulate the growth of your good gut bacteria) + Probiotics (great source of food for your gut) = one happy gut.

Problems with your stomach? It all starts with your gut.

Gut & Synbiotic Supplement Dual Pack
liquid aguulp sachets vs traditional tablets

Why liquid supplements?

Because nutrients can only reach cells through liquid solutions which assimilate in just up to 4 minutes – our supplements are designed to reach your body fast.

Nutrients delivered through pills take 30 minutes to break down before the body can assimilate them. So why not deliver all nutrients through liquids?

This is why Aguulp uses only liquid formulas. They’re fast, targeted and potent.
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Diary of a CEO team trust Aguulp supplements

“The team behind The Diary of a CEO trust Aguulp products to help maintain our performance”.

Europe’s No.1 podcast, with over 100 million downloads per month.

Aguulp for Gut - 5 star review for IBS and bloating

Our Hero…

Could it be yours?

Our most popular supplement. Gut friendly bacteria that helps to repair & rebuild. Take control of your health today.

Aguulp for Gut

A healthier gut & brain lead to a happier you

Jason Fox and Professor Green the founders

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Aguulp was born out of frustration at the inconvenience and inefficacy of traditional supplements.

After a lifetime of their own problems, our co-founders ‘Gut’ their sh*t together and created Aguulp.

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Aguulp range of liquid liposomal supplements in single sachets

Aguulp/a/ɡʌlp/ (noun): swallowed quickly

Carefully curated liquid liposomal formulas.

At home or on the go, the nutrients you need in just one gulp.

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Aguulp Synbiotic box and three individual synbiotic sachets

Meet our new Prebiotic Supplement

This mighty gut health supplement contains 50 billion live bacteria, alive and kickin’.

Synbiotic = Prebiotics + Probiotics

Taken daily, it’s designed to reintroduce friendly live bacteria in probiotic format with the aim of  repopulating and rebalancing your gut microbiome.


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