Our high-quality ingredients improve

Gut health

Rich microbiome diversity, better nutrient absorption

Brain health

Sharper focus, happier mood

Immune health

Fortifies the body’s natural defenses 

A healthier gut & brain lead to a happier you

Repeat after us


\ ˈāˈgəlp (noun): innovative and curated liquid formula using liposomal technology that protects nutrients against stomach acid and provides absorption rates of up to 98% – all in just one gulp.

We’ve created simplified-yet-potent formulas using groundbreaking science that declutter your kitchen cabinets and take the guesswork out of supplements.

We’ll drink to that.

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Aguulp offers liquid solutions to global problems. 

What started off as friends discussing their own gut and mental health problems became this larger goal when they realized just how common their ailments were.  

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