Five varieties of Aguulp liquid liposomal supplements arranged in order

Simple supplements that work

High quality ingredients in a liquid liposomal format.

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Gut health

Rich microbiome diversity, better nutrient absorption

Brain health

Sharper focus, happier mood

Immune health

Fortifies the body’s natural defenses 

Aguulp Synbiotic box and three individual synbiotic sachets

Meet our new Daily Synbiotic

With 50 billion live bacteria.


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A healthier gut & brain lead to a happier you

Jason Fox and Professor Green the founders

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Aguulp was born out of frustration at the inconvenience and inefficacy of traditional supplements.

After a lifetime of their own problems, our co-founders ‘Gut’ their sh*t together and created Aguulp.

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Aguulp range of liquid liposomal supplements in single sachets

Aguulp/a/ɡʌlp/ (noun): swallowed quickly

Carefully curated liquid liposomal formulas.

At home or on the go, the nutrients you need in just one gulp.

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