Aguulp Liquid Health Supplements

Powerful Gut Health Liquid Supplements 

Aguulp /a/ɡʌlp/ (noun): swallowed quickly

Aguulp’s gut health liquid supplements delivers up to 8 times more vitamins and nutrients than traditional tablets, thanks to our patented liposomal technology.

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Stomach or gut issues? Aguulp for gut health supplement

Stomach issues taking over your life?

Your health starts in the gut.

Take better care of yours, starting today.

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Aguulp probiotics for gut health

Powerful probiotics for gut health

Try our Daily Synbiotic gut health supplement, a prebiotic and probiotic supplement featuring 50 billion gut-friendly live bacteria – just one of the brilliant formulas in our collection. Find the right gut health liquid supplement for your health and wellness needs today.


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Meet the Aguulp health experts 

Developed over a 10-year period, Aguulp’s gut health liquid supplements harness the power of cutting-edge science, and our in-house experts (including a registered nutritionist) are always ready to provide you with tailored nutritional advice.

The Aguulp story

After a lifetime struggling with health problems, our co-founder Stephen Manderson (aka Professor Green) knew he had to get his 💩 together. After years of research and testing, Aguulp was born. Watch the video to find out more about the story behind Aguulp vitamins for gut health:

Jumpstart your journey to optimal gut health with Aguulp. Our gut health liquid supplements contain essential Aguulp vitamins, as well as prebiotics and prebiotics. Benefit from up to 50 billion friendly live bacteria delivered to your gut, helping you to repair and rebuild from the inside.