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whether you’re looking for digestion supplements or another kind of health supplement, you’ll be getting the very best when you choose aguulp.

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we use patented liposomal technology for maximum absorption by the body.

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aguulp for gut helped improve participants gut health by 27%. Read more here.

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just high quality ingredients for maximum impact. No unnecessary ingredients.

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our liquid supplements are researched, designed and made here in the UK.

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The team behind the Diary of a CEO trust aguulp products to help maintain our performance.

Diary of a CEO team

My busy schedule demands a lot from me, so that’s why I use aguulp products regularly to ensure my health remains a priority.

Jason Fox

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Stephen's Story

Not just another celeb being paid to flog some health supplements – aguulp was born from health struggles, created to make a difference. Try our digestion supplements and more to give your body and mind the care they deserve.

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