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aguulp for gut - gut supplement in bottles - liquid prebiotic

Gut Supplement

aguulp gut supplement is a liquid prebiotic supplement that helps to feed your gut's healthy...
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aguulp for biome probiotic supplement

aguulp for biome is a probiotic supplement with 50 billion friendly bacteria and prebiotics, aiming...
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aguulp for gut and probiotic dual pack - gut health bundle

Gut & Probiotic Dual Pack

Looking for a gut intervention? This powerful dual pack will introduce more gut-friendly bacteria and...
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gut health test

Advanced Gut Health Test

Our easy, at-home advanced gut health test kit will help you gain a better understanding...
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gut health test

Functional Gut Health Test

Get to know your gut - scientifically. Our easy, at-home gut health test kit will...
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Gut health doesn’t just affect what’s going on in your gut. It’s been shown that gut health contributes to a lot of other things happening in your body, like brain function, immunity, and mood. Our aguulp gut health supplements are made with a blend of gut-friendly ingredients that includes soluble fibre, essential vitamins, and amino acids. Our gut supplements are designed to balance your digestive function for increased energy, better mood, and a healthy gut.

There are quite a few gut health supplements knocking around, but our aguulp for gut supplements use liposomal technology to make sure the good gut stuff gets into your bloodstream quickly. Their 98% absorption rate means aguulp gut health supplements start working without being broken down by your metabolism or inhibiting other formulas you might be taking, making them among the best supplements for gut health around.

aguulp for gut contains prebiotics to stimulate good bacteria in the gut and encourage better digestive health. Vitamin C and vitamin D work to improve the immune system, while gut-friendly zinc can maintain and enhance the energy sent to the living cells in our bodies. Each dynamic ingredient in our gut supplements works with the others to motivate the natural function of the gut. After just two months, users of our aguulp gut health supplements had a 27% increase in their gut health – the stats don’t lie. 

Meanwhile, our Gut Probiotic formula contains both prebiotics and probiotics to help rebalance your gut health. You can buy both of our gut supplements together in our handy Gut & Probiotic Dual Pack

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