Stephen Manderson and Aguulp liquid supplements

Professor Green, Gut Health & The Birth Of Aguulp

Aguulp makes supplementing simple. Musician and mental health advocate Stephen Manderson (you might know him as Professor Green) and businessman and former SAS soldier Kevin Godlington came up with the idea for Aguulp, with TV personality and former Special Forces sergeant Jason Fox joining them soon after.

After a lifetime of struggling with health issues amid a busy schedule, Stephen decided it was time to take back control, and Aguulp was born. It’s not always easy to know if you’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support optimum health, especially when you add a busy lifestyle, city living, and a grab-and-go diet into the mix. Aguulp changes the game.

It’s time to discover Aguulp

It’s time to try the ‘Professor Green vitamins’ for yourself. Aguulp uses game-changing liposomal technology to ensure important ingredients are getting into your system quickly and effectively.

Traditional tablets tend to have lower absorption rates than the figure you see on the pack, with some vitamins requiring fat for absorption, while some vitamins interact with each other, which can either promote or hinder absorption. This means that you might not be getting the most from the supplements you’re taking, despite your best efforts. This is where Aguulp’s liposomal technology changes everything.

At Aguulp, we believe that liquids, liposomes, and legitimate absorption is how you make good supplements easy and accessible for everyone. Try our tailored gut health formulas and let the results speak for themselves.

Aguulp Supplements

Expect strong results & high-quality supplements with Aguulp 

Trust in the supplements you’re purchasing is essential, and with so many ‘wonder’ products available on the market, we want to give you peace of mind that Aguulp products actually stand up to the claims, because they do. We’re more than just the ‘Professor Green gut health supplements’ – we offer stronger results than traditional tablet supplements, and you can be sure of top-quality manufacturing when you choose us.

All of our Aguulp ingredients are tried and tested again and again to ensure each of our gut health supplements delivers exactly what it says it will on the back of the pack. What’s more, our shots only ever contain ultra-pure water that meets or exceeds purity levels for IV solutions.

The liquid liposomal technology inside each and every Aguulp sachet boasts up to 98% absorption, compared to much less from conventional tablets. This means Aguulp can take effect on your body much sooner, so you (and your gut) can start experiencing the benefits faster.

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Stephen Manderson's story of Aguulp

Watch Aguulp’s origin story

Stephen (Professor Green) decided it was time to take control of his life and health after years of health problems. Watch the video to learn more about how Aguulp was born. It’s time to take control of your gut health; shop the full Aguulp collection today.

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