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Why Aguulp Uses Liposomal Technology

Liposomes are at the heart of revolutionary science, and they’re at the centre of Aguulp’s liquid supplements. Read on to find out everything you need to know about liposomes and why we use them in our gut health supplements.

Liposomal technology: the science behind Aguulp

Liposomal technology is the key to why Aguulp’s liquid supplements are so effective – something that’s possible thanks to our trademark nutrient-delivery technology NutriProtect. Developed over a 10-year period by our partner lab Nutrivitality, Aguulp harnesses this cutting-edge technology in all of our liquid supplements for gut health.

Thanks to NutriProtect liposomal technology, an Aguulp serving can deliver 8 times more vitamins and nutrients compared to traditional tablets, providing maximum nutrient delivery to where your body needs it the most. Not all liposomes are created equal, but you can trust ours.

What Are Liposomes?

Liposomes are tiny, fat-like particles made up of two layers, similar to our own cell membranes. In a supplement, a liposome binds itself around the nutrients like a life jacket, which shields their journey through the stomach, delivering the benefits directly to our cells. As a result, liposomes enable maximum absorption, so you can start experiencing the benefits of our gut health supplements faster. Learn more about liposomes.

With traditional pill-based supplements, corrosive stomach acid destroys a large percentage of vitamins and minerals before they reach the small intestine for absorption. In fact, pill-form vitamins provide only up to 20% nutrient absorption, but thanks to NutriProtect and the power of liposomes, Aguulp’s liquid supplements can deliver up to 98% nutrient absorption.

After two months of Aguulp, clinical trial participants averaged


increase in gut health


increase in key metabolites (help cellular function)


increase in Propionate (helps reduce anxiety)


increase in Butyrate (helps protect against IBS)


increase in Acetate (boosts immune system and controls weight loss)


reached ideal gut health scores, up from 1%

*The Aguulp clinical trial was conducted by our partner lab Nutrivitality. The 87 trial participants used a two-month supply of Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain. These gut test results are based on their gut health before and after taking Aguulp.

Liquid supplements = liquid gold

Why are we so sold on liquids? It’s because nutrients can only reach cells through liquid solutions, which assimilate in just 4 minutes, so we couldn’t consider anything less for Aguulp’s gut health formulas. Nutrients delivered through pills take 30 minutes to break down before the body can assimilate them, so delivering nutrients through liquid supplements seems like the sensible choice.

Our liquid supplements are fast, targeted, and potent: bottoms up!

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