Liposomes Explained


What are liposomes and how do they work?

Think of liposomes as super reliable microscopic couriers that deliver the nutrients you need, directly to your cells, fast and effectively (step aside Deliveroo).

These tiny spherical vesicles are made with one or more phospholipid bilayers which are the main component of any biological cell membrane. When combined, they form a protective barrier, very similar to the one that surrounds the cells of our body.

Phospholipids are polar lipids (just like opposite ends of a magnet repelling and attracting), the head is hydrophilic (loves water) and the tail is hydrophobic (repels water).

The polar lipids work effectively to conceal the nutrients on the inside while protecting it from what’s on the outside ensuring that the active ingredients are safe and not damaged during the delivery process.

Liposomes mimic our own cell membranes and can be easily absorbed by our own cell walls once they’ve travelled through the gut and entered the bloodstream. They bind to our cell membranes andget directly into the cell.

Why do we use them?

The average absorption rate of traditional capsule or pill form vitamins is around 20%, this is because part of the active ingredient tends to get destroyed in the digestion process or the casing/coatings prevent it from being fully absorbed.

By using our liposomal technology to keep the nutrients safe our supplements deliver up to 98% absorption rate meaning you’re actually getting the goodness you paid for (rather than peeing it out!).

The best bits
  • Due to their size and structure, liposomes are recognised by the body as a good/familiar substance, this helps them to easily travel through the digestive system, lymph and blood vessels, getting to a specific location, where they can deliver the active ingredients.
  • Liposomes don’t cause any distribution or discomfort to the gut.
  • Liposomes are non toxic and don’t cause allergic reactions. 
  • Our liposomes don’t contain any nasties: no binders, fillers, artificial sweeteners or colours are required. 
How we make liposoms at Aguulp?

Our powerful formulas only use the purest top quality ingredients and a mixture of basic phospholipids created in a UK laboratory. When put under high pressure, these phospholipids work their magic and form tiny liposomes that protect the nutrients inside each one. 

Each of our sachets contains over 15 million liposomes!

Having this precise technology in place can give you peace of mind that you’re actually getting the benefits of your supplements in the most effective and convenient way.

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