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Your gut and brain are closely linked via the gut-brain axis, and it’s important to look after both with brain supplements and gut health supplements alike.

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Your brain is an incredibly complex organ, so adding supplements for brain health into your daily routine makes sense. Shop our collection of liposomal brain supplements today and start looking after your brain function better.

Aguulp’s brain health supplements have been designed to give your brain the boost it needs to maximise memory, motivation, and creativity, increasing your capacity to achieve. Our brain supplements have been designed with absorption in mind. The best brain supplements are the ones that get straight to where they need to go, and thanks to patented liposomal technology, ours quickly pass into the bloodstream with a 98% absorption rate. Fast and effective, they contain three key ingredients to positively impact brain function.

Firstly, aguulp for brain contains citicoline, which helps to protect the brain from the negative effects of ageing, improving memory and focus. Meanwhile, a combination of two amino acids, L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine, has been shown to reduce stress and encourage a deeper, more productive sleep pattern. The third hero ingredient in our brain supplements is lemon balm extract. Lemon balm extract has been linked with improved cognitive function and a better overall mood. This powerhouse trio of ingredients is the on switch for better brain health.

As well as being easily absorbed and packed with dynamic ingredients, our brain health supplements are easy to take too. All you need is one portion per day; simply shake it up a bit before use, and drink it in one quick gulp. You can mix aguulp for Brain with a healthy cold drink like a smoothie too if that’s your thing. 

Shop our easy-to-use brain supplements – you can even buy a handy Gut & Brain Dual Pack featuring our brain health supplements alongside our aguulp for gut formula, to help you take care of your gut-brain axis. Browse our full range of liposomal supplements today.

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