Frequently Asked Questions

Got some burning questions? We’ve answered our most commonly asked questions below. For any other queries, drop us a line at [email protected].

When and how should I take Aguulp?

We recommend taking Aguulp first thing in the morning to maximise absorption and avoid hot drinks for 30 minutes.

Grab a sachet, give it a good shake, snip it open and down it in one gulp (they go down better chilled).

Alternatively, if shots aren’t to your liking, mix it with water or gently stir into your morning smoothie; making sure not to blend.

Is Aguulp suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Aguulp for Brain, Aguulp for Recovery and Aguulp for Sleep are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Aguulp for Gut contains marine collagen and GOS derived from lactose. Aguulp for Immunity contain fish Omega-3 fish oil.

I haven’t received my delivery yet, when will it arrive?

We aim to send out orders the same day we receive the order, if that’s before 3.30pm Monday – Friday. If we send out your order before 4pm, your order should arrive the next working day (Monday – Saturday) via our delivery partner, DPD. You will receive confirmation your order has been sent, from which time, delivery should occur the next working day. Please allow 3 working days for your delivery to arrive following email confirmation. If you order has not arrived by then, please email our team at: [email protected] and we try to assist anyway we can.

Can people with nut allergies take Aguulp?

Unfortunately, our Aguulp for Sleep contains pistachio extract. However the rest of our range is nut-free!

How does subscription work?

Not only do you get monthly savings by subscribing, you also have the flexibility of being able to pause it, change it and cancel it whenever you want.

Is Aguulp packaging recyclable?

Yes, we’ve recently moved to fully recyclable packaging across our range!

Is Aguulp safe to take for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Given the restrictions around testing pregnant and breastfeeding women, we recommend that you consult your GP first to see if Aguulp is safe for you and your baby. 

Can I take Aguulp if I’m taking medicines?

We recommend speaking to your GP prior to use of any products to see how they might interact with any medications you are taking. 

Can I take Aguulp if I have if I have a medical condition?

We recommend speaking to your GP to see how they might interact with any medications you are taking. 

Is Aguulp suitable for children?

Unfortunately Aguulp is not suitable for children under 12. However, a children’s formula is in the works! Stay tuned.

How does the Aguulp Gut Test work?

The Aguulp Gut Test uses short-chain fatty acids to measure gut health. SCFAs are byproducts of gut microbial activity and important biomarkers of gut health. We measure the three most abundant SCFAs for our gut test.

Acetate works directly in the brain’s hypothalamus, which is responsible for the maintenance of energy. It also regulates gut pH levels, protects against pathogens and supports the immune system.

Butyrate provides 70% of the energy for the cells in our colon.

Propionate controls weight loss, appetite and reduces fat storage.

Will Aguulp for Gut help with Acid Reflux?

The Aguulp for Gut supplement contains several nutrients have shown to help with gastro-intestinal complaints, including acid reflux. Collagen has been found to be involved in the regulation of secretory gastric fluids and it also aids digestion. It is reported to help move food through the GI tract more smoothly, assisting with the breakdown of other proteins and carbohydrates in the intestines.

Vitamin D is vital for the proper functioning of muscle cells, a deficiency may impair functioning of muscle cells, including within the digestive tract, contributing to potential reflux issues. For this reason, correcting a vitamin D deficiency may be of considerable importance in in addressing symptoms of GERD.

Which gut product is best for bloating and gas?  

Our Daily Synbiotic contains both pre and probiotics in a high dose, which are designed to work synergistically together to target any gut microbial imbalance (dysbiosis). Prebiotics act as a food source to the healthy bacteria already residing in the gut and to the external supply of the probiotic supplement, helping to address any imbalance of good versus bad bacteria in the gut.  

Aguulp for Gut provides prebiotics combined with an array of other ingredients which may work to support digestive function in other ways. It can be used as a ‘maintenance’ product to anyone looking to support digestive health who doesn’t have what we term ‘a therapeutic need’ (where high levels of a given nutrient/substance are indicated to address or target a specific problem or symptom) but just wants to support their natural digestive function. 

Of course, there are other factors that may contribute to your symptoms such as the diet, lifestyle, medications, stress etc so it would be recommended to also look to evaluate if there are any changes that could be made to improve symptoms from these aspects too. 

What should I take for constipation?

The gut microbiome may be a contributing factor in constipation and this is because gut bacteria play a key role in bowel regularity and motility. It is important to ensure there is a good balance of healthy versus bad bacteria in the gut and that the bad bacteria do not outweigh the good. Studies have shown that a probiotic supplementation can help alleviate constipation and therefore we would recommend our Daily Synbiotic which contains a combination of both pre and probiotics (the prebiotics act as a food source to the probiotics and therefore encourage further growth of healthy bacteria), which in turn, can help regulate and encourage healthy bowel movements. 

It can take up to 3 months for supplementation to become fully effective but along with dietary strategies and increased fluid intake, results may be achieved much sooner. If after 3-month review, symptoms have not improved or improved then returned, it would be necessary to explore other potential underlying issues or contributing factors. 

I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis (UC), can your products help?

Aguulp for Gut contains three types of soluble fibre in the form of FOS, GOS and Inulin. It also contains a number of other ingredients which have been shown to help with UC such as Zinc and Glutamine. Zinc supplementation has been shown to reduce inflammation associated with UC. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is believed to help maintain the health of the intestinal tract. It is thought to strengthen the lining of the GI tract so that nutrients are more effectively absorbed. Aguulp for gut also contains prebiotics which act as a food source to good gut bacteria to help minimise the less friendly bacteria which can inflame and attack the colon. In addition, it also provides vitamin D and studies have shown that vitamin D can help induce and maintain IBD remission.  

Please be advised that it is recommended for those with any pre-existing health conditions or those taking medications to discuss with your GP or healthcare provider about the suitability of any new supplement regime.

Why do certain foods trigger my IBS symptoms and sometimes not?

Those who suffer with IBS know that eating certain foods can cause significant digestive symptoms and the potential for an IBS ‘flare up’. Foods that cause a reaction or an abnormal response in the body can vary from person to person, but it is also common for IBS sufferers to experience different reactions to the same foods at different times.

Whilst we know certain foods (gluten, dairy, eggs, spices, alcohol and caffeine) are common culprits in the diet, it is thought that many different factors may contribute to the way our body reacts to these (and other) foods and our inability to tolerate them, which may explain why some people react differently to the same foods at different times.

 Why does bloating occur?

Bloating is one of the most common gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, and is very common in people who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Bloating can range from quite mild to severe cases, where quality of life is affected. Bloating is not completely understood yet but recent studies have suggested that bloating is caused by various reasons including an imbalance of gut microflora, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and food intolerances.  

aguulp daily synbiotic contains ingredients that have shown to help reduce bloating

Does Aguulp offer discounts?

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