Aguulp for Workplace Benefits

Attracting the right employees and retaining them is a daily battle for modern businesses. How you look after your team shows just how much you value their time, energy and commitment to the project.
With an Aguulp for Workplace subscription you can support your team’s overall mental and physical health.
We now offer our range of Aguulp for Gut, Brain, Immunity, Sleep and Recovery for company wide subscriptions.
Support your team’s growth with a benefit that they will really appreciate, a subscription to Aguulp.
Diary of a CEO team trust Aguulp supplements

Used by high-performing teams

The team behind the phenomenal ‘Diary of a CEO’ Podcast have been using Aguulp.

As they say themselves ”

“The team behind The Diary of a CEO trust Aguulp products to help maintain our performance”.
Aguulp for workplace
Holmes Productions - Aguulp for workplace benefits

Holmes Production

Holmes Production is a uniquely personal, full-service production facility.

Their clients include fashion and luxury brands, creative and advertising agencies, artists, filmmakers and photographers.

They use Aguulp for workplace benefits by providing Aguulp as ‘welcome gifts’ for their clients and employees.

We operate in the production industry, and every time a client/talent comes to stay for a job we prepare a Welcome Pack with Aguulp in it.

They love that we include Aguulp!”

Aguulp for workplace
London Cryo review of aguulp for recovery - workplace benefits

London Cryotherapy

“LondonCryo is committed to providing the best possible post-experience care for our valued clients. That’s why we offer Aguulp after every infrared sauna session. We understand that physical and muscle recovery is of paramount importance to our clients, and Aguulp is an exceptional product that complements and enhances their recovery journey.

Aguulp is a specially formulated beverage that contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to replenish and rehydrate the body. It helps to restore vital nutrients, balance electrolytes, and promote optimal hydration, which are essential for post-sauna recovery.

The feedback we’ve received from our guests about Aguulp has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have expressed their appreciation for the refreshing taste and the immediate sense of revitalisation it provides. They have reported feeling reenergised, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the rest of their day after a sauna session and consuming Aguulp.”

aguulp for workplace

can we add aguulp into your workplace?

We offer convenient, on-the-go shots of goodness to aid and support employees’ health and wellbeing.

We’re offering support for the wellbeing of your employees with our very own ‘Aguulp for the Workplace’ subscription package.

Our subscription-based package includes two of our best-selling products, Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain as part of a Dual-Pack.

If you’re interested in partnering with Aguulp, please contact us using the form below to contact us.

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