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Knowledge is power and we at Aguulp aim to bring you the latest news in health science. This is our platform to keep you informed about the best in health with a mix of science-based articles, expert interviews and a few fun reads thrown in to remind you that you can respect and protect your health without taking it so seriously. Dive in.


Let’s Talk About Love

We’ve all been there. The butterflies that once hung dormant and cocooned burst into a flurry of wings, heart racing and palms sweating. But what exactly is it about the first glimmer of love that makes us feel this way?…

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Let’s Talk Fermented Foods

The word “fermented” is very easy to turn your nose up at. A common misconception is that fermented products have a funky smell and appear to be past their sell-by-date. The word may even be reminiscent of watching poor celebrities…

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Connections – By Professor Green

Almost everything we choose to do, take, use, avoid, want, imagine, miss, remember, like, dislike, love and hate relate back to a feeling. Almost all of our decisions, conscious or subconscious relate to emotion. What we call a lifestyle is…

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How to Start a Healthy Habit

It’s January, the month of grand plans and plotting goals, but unfortunately, more often than not we get carried away and bite off more than we can chew. “I’m going to workout 6 days a week and completely cut carbs,…

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Get To Know Your Gut

You might not think about it too often but your gut is talking to you, you know the signs, that ‘off’ feeling you experience, manifesting with a myriad of stomach disturbances such as; gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps.…

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Types of Supplement Forms and Why They Matter

The Pills Vs Liquid Debate Pills and liquids: Supplements come in different forms, but how do we know which is best for us? Here, we break down the difference between each and why, for our money, liquid is the gold…

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Your Immune System: The Science of Survival

You already know your immunity is vital to your health. A well-functioning immune system is one that lets you beat off bad bacteria, germs and countless other pathogens. A depleted immune system is one that’s at risk for colds, skin…

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The Gut-Brain Axis Explained

The gut-brain axis is a communication system between your gut and your brain. The microbiota in your gut speaks to the neurons in your brain by way of the vagus nerve, one of the largest nerves connecting the gut and…

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The Story Behind Aguulp

By Kevin Godlington Aguulp Co-Founder A partnership forged out of gut-brain necessity and shared values I left school at 14 and have no formal qualifications. I joined the army at 16, coming from state care and a broken home. My…

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