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Discover the sleep supplements you’ve been waiting for at aguulp. Our liquid liposomal sleep aid supplement is a fast-acting formula that contains lemon balm and chamomile extract to help you get a better night’s sleep.

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If you often wake up feeling less than rejuvenated or you feel wide awake when your head hits the pillow at night, adding supplements to help sleep to your bedtime routine could be just what you need.

Our aguulp for sleep supplement contains a carefully curated blend of amino acids alongside lemon balm extract, which is known for its calming properties, glycine, pistachio extract, and chamomile extract. Citicoline is another key ingredient in our sleep supplements, and is known to help improve focus. Try taking our specially formulated supplements for sleep and see if you notice a difference when you wake up in the morning.

Our sleep supplements contain liposomal technology to deliver these beneficial ingredients to where they need to be quickly, making sure they travel through your bloodstream in a more intact form than other formulas allow. This makes them extremely fast-absorbing and means you’ll be getting more of the good stuff from your sleep supplement.

Incorporate our sleep aid supplement into your bedtime routine along with limited screen time, a relaxing bath, and a dark, quiet room. You might also want to try meditation or journalling to clear your mind before you go to sleep. aguulp for Sleep has a natural blackcurrant flavouring that makes it even easier to take. Gulp your sleep supplement shot straight down, or mix yours with water or even your favourite juice or smoothie for an even tastier hit. 

Sleep supplements are just one of the liquid supplements we offer. Shop our full range of gut health supplements and more fantastic formulas today.

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