Get to know our Aguulpers...

Need more convincing? Why don’t you read what our very own Aguulpers have to say.. then you can decide!

Kyle Sandham


“I’m a business consultant and also have a street food business as a side hustle. I’ve struggled with my gut health for a long time, and the doctors have never been able to help me. I suffer from diverticulitis which is rare for someone my age. It means I get these flare-ups from time to time which include mild to severe pain in my bowels. I have for years also had problems with having really reactive stomach to certain foods that I can’t put my finger on…for example, sometimes I’d have spicy food and be absolutely fine, sometimes I would instantly need the toilet. I also struggle alot with bad stomach when I get stressed.”

“After 3 months of using Aguulp for Gut, my stomach is feeling calmer and I no longer suffer the severe stomach cramps I had been struggling with for years. I’ve also not had a flare-up of my diverticulitis symptoms, which is a huge relief for me! The weekly emails have helped me grasp a much better understanding of gut health and importantly for me, the gut-brain link, which has allowed me to recognise when stress is driving an upset tummy rather than something I ate. I’m going to continue with Aguulp and hope to see even more improvements!”

Anu Ferreira


“I work full time in HR and I’m a Baker and also do some health and wellness coaching. I have a husband and 7 year old daughter. I have suffered with IBS for around 12 years. It all started when my dad passed away and it took a massive toll on my body and that is when the anxiety-driven IBS started. I have always had issues with my weight also, but up until 4.5 years ago I had enough of feeling like I didn’t have any control and I started to make my health more of a priority.”

“I am amazed with how Aguulp has worked for me. I haven’t had a flare up of IBS since taking the product and also not just the actual product is great, but the education around the gut and mind and how it affects each other has been so great for me to learn.”

Alicia May


“I’m 30 years old & live with my partner and cat in a 2 bed flat in London. I own my own coaching business working with women in business or career based roles that want to grow. As well as having my own business I also work in financial services as a producer and write in an in house creative team. I am generally in good health but have suffered from my early twenties with bloating, digestive issues and IBS. This is why I wanted to try aguulp!”

“Aguulp has been transformational for me, I’ve noticed so many improvements including reduced bloating, better sleep, more energy, improved digestion and more regular bowel movements.”

Kimberley Beard


“I’m a 35-year-old mum of 2 who works full time as a Legal accounts manager. I am an undiagnosed IBS or Endometriosis sufferer who is still undergoing test to confirm, but either way Aguulp for gut has massively helped with my symptoms.”

“Before using Aguulp I was really struggling with irregular bowel movements, I would feel blocked up and bloated. Since using Aguulp for gut I can happily say that my bloating has subsided and I am as regular as clockwork in the bathroom ????. You have no idea how this has positively impacted my mood and confidence!!”

Emily Thayne


“I have been taking Aguulp for 6 months now and am more in love with the products everyday. I started with Aguulp For Gut to help get my body in the best health for a Gastric Bypass operation I had in August 2021 and the difference these little minty sachets made, was amazing.”

“Since then I have added For Brain and For Recovery to help me heal and get the best out of the operation and to achieve my health and fitness goals. So far I am feeling AMAZING and have so much energy. I have missed a few days of my Aguulp routine and really notice the difference in my energy levels and in my digestion. I would recommend any and all Aguulp products to EVERYONE. Thank you Aguulp x”