Advanced Gut Health Test

Our easy, at-home advanced gut health test kit will help you gain a better understanding of what’s going on inside your gut.

Tailored, detailed and personalised gut health test on your gut health.

Advanced Gut Health Test - example


Easy to take, discreet at home gut health test.

Understanding your gut health shouldn’t be embarrassing. Your letterbox-friendly box will arrive promptly, meaning all you need to do is follow the instructions, and return in the post easily.

Why should I take a gut health test?

Your gut contains trillions of bacteria that can directly impact your digestive health, immune system, mental health and more, it’s the hub of your overall well-being.

90% of serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced in our gut cells with help of our gut bacteria

70% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract

Studies show that a poor diversity or an abnormal balance of your gut bacteria can result in an array of gut health and mental health issues. To learn more about the gut brain axis click here.

By learning about our gut health and how to improve it, we can start to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

How we analyse your gut health

Our advanced gut test will analyse your gut health (from a stool sample) and report against key bio-markers, and will provide you with a detailed break-down of your gut bacteria, both good and bad.

Our detailed test measures not only what bacteria are present in your gut,
but also how effective they are producing key chemicals so you can
pinpoint where you should focus on to improve your gut health.

This will see this side-by-side against the UK average, and what foods and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your gut health.

Can I see a sample report?

View a sample Gut Test report here.

Your report will include:

Your overall gut health score 

SCFAs analysis and insights into your gut’s bacterial balance

∙ Total bacteria found in your gut, categorised as ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Stool consistency analysis and evaluation

Tailored advice and recommendations on how improve your diet and lifestyle

After the lab receives your sample, you get a comprehensive gut health report with your gut health score, your individual SCFA results and advice about how you can make improvements to both your gut and overall health. 

Your gut microbiota is unique like a fingerprint and changes will affect us all differently. We recommend you take the test every three to six months to track the effectiveness of dietary, lifestyle and supplements changes. 

View a sample Gut Test report here.

How it works

1 . Take a small stool sample as per the instructions in your gut health kit

2. Fill out your diet & lifestyle survey

3. Post your stool sample to our lab with the ready made label inclosed in the kit

4. Check your emails inbox and download your personalised gut health report (results can take up to 10 workings days from when the sample was received by the lab)

5. Follow the recommendations and optimise your gut health!


*Please note the Aguulp Gut Test is not available for shipment outside the U.K.

Breaking the taboo around gut health; Take a Stool Podcast

Here at Aguulp, we’re on a mission to break down the taboo around gut health, so much so that we started a podcast – Take a Stool

In each episode our founder Stephen gets a celebrity guest to an Aguulp gut test and they dive into relaxed conversations – literally ‘all shits and giggles’ – about life experiences, health and growing up. 

Click here to find out more!

How our gut test works

Use this home collection kit to collect a stool sample. activate your kit online and track your status.


Post sample to the lab for analysis using the prepaid return postage in any royal mail postbox.


Receive your results and personal advice on real ways to improve your gut health.


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