Take A Stool Podcast with Professor Green

Take a Stool - The Aguulp podcast series!

The Take a Stool podcast, is a series of relaxed conversations around personal life experiences, growing up and the importance of health (especially gut health!).

It’s all shits and giggles (literally) with our co-founder and host, Stephen Manderson (aka Professor Green) as he talks to our celebrity guests and breaks down taboo around gut health.

To get a better insight and understanding of their insides, each guest has taken an Aguulp Gut Health Test, the results of which are discussed in the episodes.

We hope this series inspires you to Take a Stool, and join the conversation.

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Podcast guest, Joe Wicks

Episode 1: Joe Wicks

In Episode 1 of Take a Stool, Stephen is joined by the nation’s favourite PE Teacher, Joe Wicks.

Joe became an inspiration to us all throughout the pandemic, keeping us motivated and as healthy as possible during an incredibly difficult time.

In this conversation Joe talks openly and honestly about his family life and upbringing, his relationship with food, why he has an ice bath in his garden, and of course, we find out what’s going on inside his gut!

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Daisy May Cooper

Episode 2: Daisy May Cooper

In Episode 2 of Take a Stool, Stephen is joined by the hilarious actress and writer, Daisy May Cooper.

In this conversation Stephen and Daisy talk about their personal life experiences, eating habits and how mental health can often link to gut health.

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Jason Fox

Episode 3: Jason Fox

In Episode 3 of Take a Stool, Stephen sits down to chat with ex SAS soldier, Who Dares Wins star and close friend of Aguulp, Jason Fox!

In this conversation we go in a little deeper to find out what life decisions made him into the person you see on TV today. We hear about his relationship with food, what his life was like growing up, and Jason shares some of the most unbelievable stories of from his time in the special forces.

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