Our high-quality ingredients improve

Gut health

Rich microbiome diversity, better nutrient absorption

Brain health

Sharper focus, happier mood

Immune health

Fortifies the body’s natural defenses 

A healthier gut & brain lead to a happier you

Repeat after us

Aguulp/a/ɡʌlp/ (noun): swallowed quickly

Carefully curated liquid formula’s that pack the punch that traditional pill-form vitamins do not.

Using patented liquid liposomal technology for targeted delivery, (think waterproof onesies, for nutrients) Aguulp formulas offer up to 98% absorption.

Comprehensive and convenient, at home or on the go, the nutrients you need in just one gulp.

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Aguulp was born out of frustration at the inconvenience and inefficacy of traditional supplements.

After a lifetime of their own problems, our co-founders ‘Gut’ their Sh*t together and created Aguulp.

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