Frequently Asked Questions

Got burning questions for Aguulp? We’ve answered our most commonly asked questions below. For any other queries, drop us a line at

When and how should I take Aguulp?

We recommend you take Aguulp first thing in the morning to maximise absorption and avoid hot drinks for 30 minutes.

Grab a sachet, give it a good shake, rip it open and down it in one gulp (they go down better chilled).

Alternatively, if shots aren’t to your liking, mix it with water or gently stir into your morning smoothie; do not blend.

Take Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain five days a week. They’ve been designed for a busy lifestyle.

Aguulp for Gut, Aguulp for Brain and Aguulp for Immunity can all be taken one after the other.

Get ready for better health, more energy, focus and happiness.

Is Aguulp suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Aguulp for Brain is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Immunity contain fish collagen and fish oil.

How does subscription work? 

You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime and without a penalty.

Why are there only 20 sachets in a month’s supply of Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain? 

We wanted to keep our customers busy lifestyles in mind when we created these products. We based our research on around a “five days on, two days off” schedule that builds in days when you might forget to take your supplements but is still as impactful as a seven-day regimen.

Our clinical study on Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain was designed to validate this approach of five sachets a week where excellent benefits for mood and gut health were observed.

Is Aguulp’s packaging recyclable?

Our boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Currently our sachets are only suitable for composite recycling. We’re working towards creating fully recyclable packaging across all our products. 

Is Aguulp safe to take for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Given the restrictions around testing pregnant and breastfeeding women, we recommend that you ask your GP if Aguulp is safe for you and your baby. 

Can I take Aguulp while taking other medications?

Although Aguulp’s ingredients are all safe, we recommend you speak to your GP to see how they might interact with any medications you are taking. 

Can I take Aguulp if I have if I have a medical condition?

We recommend you speak to your GP before taking any supplements if you have a medical condition.

Is the price tag worth it?

We understand that people might wonder why Aguulp’s price point is on the higher-end of the supplements market.

But our price point is based on the large quantity of high-quality and expensive ingredients in each product and the cutting-edge technology we use that allows for optimal absorption.

For £1.75 a sachet a day, less than the price of a coffee, you get improved digestion, happier mood, stronger focus and, unlike the coffee, a calm, sustained energy throughout the day. We think that’s worth it.

Is Aguulp suitable for children?

Aguulp is not suitable for children. However, a children’s formula is in the works! Stay tuned.

Can people with nut allergies take Aguulp?

Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain are both safe to use for people with nut allergies.

Is Aguulp gluten free?

Aguulp for Gut and Aguulp for Brain are both gluten free.

How does the Aguulp Gut Test work?

The Aguulp Gut Test is a consumer-facing world-first that uses short-chain fatty acids to measure gut health. SCFAs are byproducts of gut microbial activity and important biomarkers of gut health. We measure the three most abundant SCFAs for our gut test.

Acetate works directly in the brain’s hypothalamus, which is responsible for the maintenance of energy. It also regulates gut PH levels, protects against pathogens and boosts the immune system.

Butyrate provides 70% of the energy for the cells in our colon and prevents cancer and digestive disorders like leaky gut and IBS.

Propionate controls weight loss, appetite and reduces fat storage.

Does Aguulp offer discounts?

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Any new products in the pipeline?

Please sign up to our newsletter here (scroll to the bottom of the page) to be kept abreast of Aguulp’s new product launches, discounts and more!