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aguulp for gut in bottle gut health supplement, mint and lemongrass flavour

new & improved flavour. now in bottles.


Looking to optimise your gut health?

aguulp for gut is a powerful liquid prebiotic gut health supplement, designed to maintain great gut health, and reduce any painful, uncomfortable, unpleasant or unwanted tummy issues such as bloating, or diarrhoea.

Our new bottle includes a new & improved flavour – mint & lemongrass. The bottle now comes in 15 x 30ml servings, which means it’s easier for you to take your daily serving too.

maintain great gut health

aguulp for gut bottle with benefits of our gut health supplement

new flavour, same powerful formula

prebiotic fibres

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What have we changed?

Our best-selling product is now in bottle format to allow for easier-taking and for better, more convenient storage.

Now you can keep your gut supplement in the fridge, and take first thing in the morning daily.

Our bottle is also a better change for the environment, now with a 100% fully recyclable bottle.

Why did you change the formula?

Whilst we recognise that not all ingredients that are good for you, can taste like it. Whilst many of our customers loved the feeling of reduce stomach symptoms, the taste wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

However, we’ve been working hard for over a year to perfect our new formula, which is every bit as good for your gut health, but now tastes delicious!

Our new mint & lemongrass flavour has been taste tested by many, and is a big hit!

How do I take the gut health supplement?

Our new bottle is easy to take – simply follow these steps:

  1. We recommend keeping the bottle in the fridge, to best protect the ingredients.
  2. Shake to wake – to ensure all the ingredients are mixed together to maximum impact
  3. Pour – into the 30ml measuring cup provided
  4. Protect the ingredients by allowing 30 mins before eating or drinking hot drinks.
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