meet the new way to take aguulp

supplements made simple – in new, easy and environmentally-friendly bottles.

aguuulp for gut and aguulp for brain in new bottles

what’s changed?

At aguulp, our mission is clear – to provide supplements made simple. On this journey, we’ve made mistakes and sometimes, we haven’t made our supplements as simple as they could be. To continue to learn and grow, we’re all ears when it comes to your feedback. We listened to what you had to say and made some long-overdue changes to our best-selling supplements. Changes we think you’ll appreciate.

aguulp for gut

better flavour

now in NEW tasty lemongrass and mint flavour.

Gut icon

improved consistency

our improved formula goes down smoothly in aguulp.

Gut icon

taste tested and approved

customers & the public have given us their seal of approval.

Gut icon

scientifically developed

using our team of UK scientists, our formula is every bit as powerful.

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why have we switched to bottles?

Building healthy daily habits is the start to a better, happier you, so we wanted to make it easier to incorporate our supplements into your daily routine and we believe bottles will do just that. Plus we wanted to do our part for the environment by ensuring our packaging is fully recyclable.

eco friendly

fully recyclable bottles & measuring cups = you’re helping the planet & your gut.

easier to use

forget the days of struggling to open a stubborn sachets.

better for daily habits

incorporating it into your daily routine should be easy peasy.

easier storage

keep in one place, all month.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! If you have a subscription with us you will receive the new product in your next subscription (first delivery of new bottles will be from October 2023 onwards), but your subscription details and everything else remains the same. 

How do I take it?

Your new bottle will come equipped with a 30ml measuring cup which you can use to pour your daily dose. Take our supplements easily:

  1. Keep the bottle in the fridge for best results 
  2. Give the bottle a good shake before taking
  3. Pour 30ml of the formula into the cup provided
  4. Drink straight from the cup (or mix with water if you prefer).
  5. Wash your measuring cup after use, pop back on top of the bottle in the fridge!

Will the change affect me?

No, it shouldn’t. Only major change (apart from our aguulp fo gut tasting much nicer) is it’s now just in a handy, 15-dose, fully recyclable bottles. 

The price of your subscription will also not change (phew, one thing now-adays that isn’t increasing in cost!). You will receive two bottles as part of your subscription (30 daily doses).

I have a question

We’d love to hear from you – simply send us an email on [email protected] and our team would love to help.


How can I make a change?

You can make any changes to your account or existing subscription at any time by visiting: – any problems please contact [email protected].

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