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Supplementing made simple

Musician and mental health advocate Stephen Manderson and businessman and former SAS soldier Kevin Godlington came up with Aguulp as an antidote to our common problems. They were joined soon after by TV personality and former Special Forces sergeant Jason Fox. Using innovative curated liquid formulas, Aguulp’s liposomal technology delivers absorption rates of up to 98%, allowing your body to quickly and efficiently get the nutrients you need, where you need them. 

It’s estimated that over three million people in the UK are malnourished*. It is not easy to know if you are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals for optimum health, especially when you add stress, city living and diets to the mix. 

Conventional supplements have lower absorption rates than the figure you see on the pack, with some vitamins requiring fat for absorption and some vitamins interacting with each other, promoting or hindering absorption. This is where Aguulp’s liposomal technology changes the game. 

At Aguulp we believe that liquids, liposomes and legitimate absorption is how you make good health easy and accessible for everyone. 

Try our formulas and let the results speak for themselves.

Aguulp's story

Aguulp founder Professor Green smiling

Stephen’s Story

I’m Stephen Manderson, and I also go by Professor Green. I’ve enjoyed a successful entertainment career, but behind-the-scenes I suffered from gut health problems since birth. I underwent years of conventional treatments that caused awful side effects. Surgery for gastritis left my stomach partially paralyzed. The doctors’ recommendation? More surgery.

Instead, I fixed my gut through a healthy diet and high-quality supplements. Doctors were shocked by my nearly perfect blood panels. What shocked me was that I also felt happier, less anxious, had deeper sleep and higher motivation. 

I learned some of my friends had taken similar paths with similar results. Aguulp was born from our experiences.

We each slogged through countless hours of research and tried dozens of supplements to hit upon the right blend of nutrients for ourselves. We wanted Aguulp to eliminate that guesswork. We worked with scientists to create innovative and easy-to-use liquid formulas fortified with NutriProtect, our groundbreaking liposomal nutrient-delivery that delivers up to 98% absorption of vitamins and minerals.

As I learned on my own journey, a truly healthy body leads to more energy, better decisions and a happier life. That is what I want for our customers.

Welcome to Aguulp.

Stephen Manderson