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The importance of knowing your gut & its health implications

You might not think about it too often but your gut is talking to you, you know the signs, that ‘off’ feeling you experience, manifesting with a myriad of stomach disturbances such as; gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. Optimal gut health is essential and it’s about time you get to know your gut better.

The bacteria found in your gut help you digest foods, but they also work all over your body and can affect both physical and mental health. 

Gassy? Bad bacteria are known to produce more gas, so digestion issues might be a good indicator that your gut doesn’t have enough of the good sort of bacteria. It might be time to switch up the diet! 

Feeling exhausted? If your immune system has to fight imbalanced gut flora, it may be overburdened. It may make you feel sick or experience symptoms of an overactive immune system, which mimic flu-like symptoms.

Experiencing some longer term health issues? Researchers have found that there’s a link between impaired gut health and conditions such as obesity, diabetes, eczema and many more.

Heard enough? Get your gut test here.

Who should do a Gut Test?

At Aguulp, we think that gut testing can be interesting and important for anyone who cares about their health — but it is definitely beneficial if you suffer from digestive issues or any of the other conditions mentioned above.

The Aguulp for Gut Test is a fantastic opportunity to explore the status of your gut. You’ll get an assessment of the current state of your gut health, as well as a set of actionable, personalised tips, that will help you to improve it. Better gut health most definitely has a positive knock-on effect on your health as a whole and with our Aguulp Gut Test you can start your journey!

Aguulp Gut Test | Get to Know your Gut

How does the Aguulp for Gut Test work?

At-home microbiome testing is popular because it’s reliable, easy and convenient. You can order an Aguulp Gut Test online and start the process of optimal gut health from the comfort of your own home. 

Here is how the process works.

Step One – Order your Gut Test online; it will arrive at your home as a discreet parcel within 3-5 days

Step Two  – Follow the instructions and avoid alcohol and certain supplements or medications for a few days before the test so that we can get a true reading.

Step Three – Collect the stool (poo) sample in the comfort of your home. Don’t worry, everybody does it.

Step Four – Stick the sample back in the returns box provided and drop it in the nearest mailbox (within 12 hours of collection).

Step Five – You’ll receive your Gut Health report detailing the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract as well as personalised tips and advice on the ways in which you can optimise your overall gut health.

Assessing your gut health, tracking it and following the steps provided by this test will help you improve your gut health and can create positive effects which are essential for mental health, physical health, immunity, and more! Click here to order your Aguulp Gut Test today!

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