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how aguulp for gut works

co-founder Professor Green talks about his gut struggles, and why aguulp for gut is the only supplement that works for him.

Gut Supplement

aguulp gut supplement is a liquid prebiotic supplement that helps to feed your gut’s healthy bacteria.

  • ideal for maintaining great gut health
  • 2 bottles (450ml each)
  • Lemongrass & Mint Flavour
  • £1.33 per serving

a healthier gut leads to a happier you

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Why take a gut health supplement?

Our gut is central to our body’s ability to perform well and keep ourselves healthy. Our gut microbiome relies on two factors to keep it happy and healthy:

Diversity: how many species of good bacteria you have. The more diversity you have, the healthier your gut is.

Abundance: the higher quantity of good bacteria you have, the healthier your gut is.

Our Aguulp for gut supplement contains a blend of soluble fibre, Inulin, GOS, FOS, vitamins and amino acids, helping to rebuild your gut for optimal mood and energy. 

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aguulp gut supplement - ingredients to help with dihorrea symptoms

How does the gut health supplement work?

Our liquid prebiotic is designed to be absorbed quickly by the body, so it can reach the gut.

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aguulp gut supplement - positive review for dihorrea symptoms

Don’t just take our word for it…

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gut supplement for uncomfortable tummy problems

Fed up of uncomfortable tummy issues?

Your gut is talking to you everyday and you might not even realise. Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence – these are just some of the ways your gut is communicating with you.

Your gut microbiome is home to a complex ecosystem of bacteria and other microbes that influence your body’s digestion, immunity and overall health. 

Optimal gut health is vital and taking care of your gut is the best way for you to feel more like the real you.

aguulp gut supplement is here to help you.

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The role of the gut for our Immune System

A significant factor as to how well our immune system works is the health and status of our digestive system, since it is a major part of our immune system.

Approximately 70% of our immunity is found in the gut and therefore it is vital to ensure the digestive system is functioning optimally in order to see benefits to our immune health.

Aguulp Gut Supplement contains ingredients including FOS, GOS and Inulin, helping to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria to restore the gut microbiome.

Why is aguulp  different?

Unlike most supplements, our sachets are liquid. This means whilst other supplements may be being broken down in the body, our supplements are already hard at work.

Our carefully curated supplements contain everything your gut needs to function better, with no added fillers or caking agents.

Just high quality ingredients. Nothing else.

“A Game Changer

After chemo and radiotherapy treatment I’m left with a long list of issues including IBS, gastro problems, early menopause, lymphedema and brain issues, fuzzy head, I struggle to concentrate and am ALWAYS always tired.

I have been taking probiotics and a variety of supplements for 2 years and seen zero improvement so I tried aguulp gut.

I feel happier in myself, I don’t wake up in the night with toilet issues/pain, my head feels clearer, I noticed a big change in my mood (apparently I was moody before?!) and it really has helped pretty much eradicate my IBS issues, I had some swellings from surgery and I’ve noticed they don’t swell up as much anymore (I think it swelled when I had an irritated gut?), most importantly I now have the energy to play with my little boy which is invaluable.

Anyway, it’s just great.

Recommend to anyone and have been!

Thank you aguulp:) “

Little sachets of magic for your gut!!”

Where to start?!

I have suffered from IBS since my teens. I tried soo many things growing up, nothing works. I learned to just put up with it!

Then Aguulp came along 🙏🏼

My bloating is completely gone Within only a few days of taking them. No cramps, less 💨🙊 My hormonal acne I always get at that time of the month never appeared.

Bowel movements getting better too! It’s a solid 100/10 from me 👌🏼 I signed up for subscription after only a few days of taking as I could feel the difference.

Thank you for making this little sachet of magic. Anyone suffering from IBS or any guy related issues, BUY!! I will be trying Brain & Immunity next! “

“One happy pooper

Started on Aguulp for the gut, been plagued with IBS for years.

Have tried all probiotics under the sun, this works very quickly and noticed difference on the first day. 

I took mine on an empty stomach first thing, didn’t eat for a good 30 mins and lots of water first day.

One happy pooper. “

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Need to understand your gut health?

Take our high quality gut test and our team of healthcare experts will scientifically analyse your gut’s health.

This way, you know where you need the help, and you can measure your progress before and after taking Aguulp gut supplement! With your gut test, you’ll get:

  • 1 x Gut Health Testing Kit
  • 1x Diet & Lifestyle Survey
  • 1x Personalised Gut Health Report (from experts)
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