The Good Gut Trial Results

86% of the UK population suffer from some form of gastrointestinal issues, but many people are unsure about where to start when it comes to making improvements. 
That’s why we launched The Good Gut Trial.

The trial was open to the general public, from over 890 applicants we selected 80 random participants. Over 12 weeks, they took a daily Aguulp for Gut sachet and recorded how they felt before, during and after the trial. 

A few months down the line and the results are finally in:


Majority of participants (88.2%) felt their gut health had improved over the course of the 12-weeks. Aguulp for Gut is a prebiotic developed for those looking to optimise their digestive function. It contains a powerful blend of soluble fibre, prebiotics (Inulin, GOS, FOS), vitamins and amino-acids.

Majority of participants (88.2%) felt their digestion had improved over the course of the 12-weeks, noting improved bowel movements and reduction in bloating and cramps. Aguulp for Gut feeds and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your gut, helping them flourish, and contributes to the normal bowel function.

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Our participants also ranked the other benefits they experienced throughout the trial, and the 2nd most prominent benefit reported was an improved mood. Improving your gut health can have a balancing effect on the gut brain axis, influencing hormone levels and potentially improving your mood. We must also acknowledge the relief of no longer having to worry about debilitating gut issues or where the nearest bathroom is!

The 3rd most notable improvement mentioned was the condition of their skin.

Collagen is known for its skin healing and rejuvenating properties, and the marine collagen in Aguulp for Gut is absorbed easier than that in most beauty products due to our Liposomal formulas. It’s also a byproduct of the fishing industry making it the most sustainable collagen option.

On top of this, 60% of participants reported improvements to their sleep. 

This may seem like an unexpected benefit, however, 90% of our serotonin is in our gut and our serotonin levels impact our natural sleep-wake cycle. An imbalance in our microbiome could mean our levels of serotonin are out of balance, resulting in poor sleep.

All in all 90.2% of participants rated their experience of the Good Gut Trial as either excellent (47.1%) or Good (43.1%).

80% said they would continue to take Aguulp for Gut due to the benefits they experienced 

We’ve extremely proud of the results of our good gut trail and we hope to continue improving the guts of the nation one small sachet at a time.

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