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What is a Gut Probiotic Supplement?

What is a gut probiotic supplement?

Our Aguulp Gut Probiotic is a gut health supplement in a lovely liquid sachet, that aims to help looking after your gut.

Aguulp Daily Synbiotic is a prebiotic and probiotic supplement with 50 billion friendly bacteria.

It’s a jump start for your gut, designed to reintroduce friendly live bacteria in probiotic format with the aim of repopulating and rebalancing your gut microbiome.

Probiotics are beneficial strains of live bacteria that the gut needs for optimal health and Prebiotics are the plant fibres that the probiotics (bacteria) need to survive and thrive.

By taking them together in synbiotic form you are repopulating your gut with good bacteria while providing the bacteria with the nutrients they need to work properly.

To give you the best chance of great results, we recommend taking this product for 3 months, as it can take time for changes to take effect. Both us at Aguulp and other industry experts* advise those trying probiotics to take them for up to 12 weeks.

*British Society of Gastroenterology advises patients trying probiotics to take them for up to 12 weeks.

What’s inside the gut health supplement?


A good Synbiotic should have complementary ‘food’ for the probiotics in the form of prebiotics. Our Synbiotic contains FOS, XOS and inulin.


Our Synbiotic contains 50 billion colony forming units of live bacteria (CFU’s), this is a high dose, appropriate for significantly impacting a troubled gut.

Our Probiotic Species and strains

Our Synbiotic contains Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus and Streptococcus.

Bifidobacteria help support the immune system, limit growth of pathogenic bacteria and break down lactose into nutrients the body needs.

Lactobacillus helps limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and produces lactic acid which serves as fuel for muscles and increases the absorption of minerals.

Streptococcus is good for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and supporting the immune system.

Most Synbiotics contain around 5-6 different strains but we like to double the chances of benefits, that’s why ours contains 10. The more the merrier.

Why Liquids?

All nutrients must be liquid before they can reach the cells of the body. Therefore, the nearer nutrients are to this state, the quicker and more completely they will be absorbed.

We make all our products in liquid form, ready for your body; that way, you can reap the benefits and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients.

Directions for use

Grab a sachet, give it a good shake and sprinkle into water, juice or your favourite smoothie, with a swirl to dissolve fully.

Don’t take with hot beverages or blend!

Take one sachet per day, ideally in the morning. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.

Why choose Aguulp?
Stronger Results & Top Quality Manufacturing

We know how important it is to trust in the supplements you’re purchasing, and with so many ‘wonder’ products available on the market, we want to give you peace of mind that Aguulp products actually stand up to the claims. This is why all of our products are manufactured using only the purest top quality ingredients. They are tried and tested again and again to ensure each of our shots delivers exactly what is says on the back of the pack. On top of this, our shots only ever contain ultra pure water that meets or exceeds purity levels for IV solutions.

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Aguulp Daily Symbiotic Liquid Supplement


Nutritional Information (per 2g sachet)

Full Ingredients: Microorganisms (Lactobacillus acidophilus LA85, Lactobacillus reuteri LR08, Lactobacillus casei LC89, Lactobacillus gasseri LG08, Lactobacillus plantarum Lp90, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LRa05, Bifidobacterium lactis BLa80, Bifidobacterium longum BL21, Bifidobacterium bifidum BBi32, Streptococcus thermophilus ST81), XOS Complex (Xylo-oligosaccharides), Inulin, FOS Complex (Fructo-oligosaccharides).

For allergens, see full ingredients list in bold. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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