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Reintroducing Food

Throughout these first 8 weeks we’ve been asking you to keep a food diary, noting down how your food intake each day impacts your gut feeling and mood. We’ve then suggested looking for patterns and removing any foods that seem to be causing an upset stomach from your diet. 

Hopefully this will have highlighted some problematic foods, and in doing so relieving some of the discomfort you were experiencing. Now we’re going to look at how and why you could reintroduce them.

So first things first… why reintroduce food that seems to be triggering an upset? The key is in the ‘seems to be’. As this programme highlights, your gut is influenced by so many factors, that what we think is causing us problems may actually not be the source of the issue. By completely removing every food that has been linked to a drop in mood or upset stomach, we are removing one of the potential suspects. Now you are in a position to reintroduce food back into your diet one at a time. If you start to experience the same issues you were experiencing before, then you can be pretty certain that that food is a trigger and should therefore be permanently removed from your diet.

Keep in mind that the reintroduction phase is typically done 30 days after the food was removed, so try and reintroduce the food group that you removed in the order that they were removed. 

So, how long do you reintroduce them for? This is actually very simple – as long as you are not experiencing any discomfort. Leave it a few days between reintroducing each food type though so that you can clearly distinguish between what is causing an upset stomach.

For more information on reintroducing food take a look at the article below from healthline…

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