Why Liquid Probiotics Are Better Than Pills

don't take shitamins, take supplements that actually work

Vitamins, shitamins – yeah, we went there; we even launched them as an April Fool and the tagline ‘with added bulking agents and fillers, Shitamins probably don’t do anything at all!’.

Our Shitamins stunt was an opportunity to highlight the inefficiencies of supplements in their most common form: tablets. When it comes to choosing the best gut health supplements – or any other kind of supplement – there’s simply no competition for liquid probiotics.

Probiotics: liquid vs pill

In order to benefit from the supplements you take (whether they’re for gut health or something else), the nutrients they contain have to survive your harsh stomach acid and reach your small intestine, where they’ll be absorbed into cell walls and enter the bloodstream.

Studies show that traditional tablet-based vitamins have a surprisingly low nutrient absorption rate – in some cases as low as 5-15%. As a result, you might only be getting a fraction of the goodness you paid for, and you probably won’t feel any real impact for a very long time (if ever!). This is why we’ll always recommend liquid supplements in the probiotics liquid vs pill debate.


The poor absorption rate of tablets is usually down to the pill coating or capsule casing. If it’s not made strong enough, the nutrients it contains will be destroyed by the stomach acid before it reaches the small intestine. But if it’s made too hard, it can fail to break down in time, preventing the nutrients from being fully absorbed.

What’s more, pills often contain added nasties, such as bulking agents and fillers, which add weight and volume. They also usually contain anti-caking agents, which are just there to prevent the nutrients from clogging up the production machines, as well as binders to hold ingredients together.

While none of these may hinder your health, they’re unlikely to help it either. Some may even be blocking the nutrients from being absorbed into your intestines. Because some forms of coating are made to be so tough in order to withstand stomach acid, they may sometimes pass through the small intestine without releasing their nutrients. There’s a chance your pills may have just gone through a rollercoaster ride through your digestive tract without a payoff for you. aguulp liquid probiotics don’t contain these extras, so you can be sure you’re only getting the good stuff your gut needs.

Liquid probiotics

Liquids are all about efficacy. When you buy nutrients to support your health, you want to make sure they actually work. Liquid probiotics work – and they work faster. It can take the body up to 30 minutes to break through the coating and caking agents in pills in order to absorb the nutrients inside. In contrast, liquid probiotics can start to be absorbed by the body within just four minutes. This means you’ll be getting the nutrients they contain almost as soon as you take them.

A study conducted in the United States found that 40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills. Liquid supplements help eliminate this problem.

In addition, some people have trouble absorbing nutrients. For example, certain vitamins and nutrients are harder to absorb if you’re taking certain medications. Delivering supplements via a liquid is an easy way to ensure vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are actually absorbed.

Liposomal liquid probiotics

In the world of liquid supplements, liposomal liquids take top marks. aguulp’s partner lab Nutrivitality has over 10 years of experience in the nutritional supplements industry and is a pioneer in liposomal research. Nutrivitality explains:

“Liposomes are spherical shells made up of a double layer of fatty acids, similar to the natural layer that makes up the outer membrane of the body’s cells. This bilayer can be used to encapsulate nutrients or pharmaceutical drugs for protection from damaging stomach acids and reduced resistance for absorption. Once encapsulated, the [vitamin or nutrient] cannot escape the liposome until the phospholipid bilayer is disrupted by absorption or breakdown in the body.

“The liposome protects its contents against the harsh acids of the stomach and allows easier absorption in the stomach and higher intestinal tract. Once absorption from the gut breakdown of the liposome occurs, contents of the liposome are released into the bloodstream. The phosphatidylcholine-enriched lipids that are commonly used in the production of liposomes are utilised elsewhere in the body for the production of new cells.”

Why liposomal liquid probiotics are the best choice

Liposomes, then, are the heroes of liquid absorption. They’re like tiny life jackets that protect the nutrients inside them. The size and structure of liposomes mimics our bodies’ own cell membranes, which allows them to travel through the digestive system and be absorbed by our own cell walls to deliver the active ingredients.

They elevate an already powerful delivery form into a surefire target. aguulp’s liquid formulas are all liposomal. We wanted to make the best gut health supplements for our customers that contain not only quality ingredients, but also efficacious delivery methods. We’ll drink to that!

Check out our full range of liquid probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotic formulas, and experience the benefits of liposomal supplements for yourself. Shop gut health supplements today.

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