Why Liquid Liposomal Supplements are Better than Pills…

don't take shitamins, take supplements that actually work
Did you see our latest product launch?
Shitamins: With added bulking agents and fillers, Shitamins probably don’t do anything at all!
Wait, what? If you’ve switched off by this point, you’ve probably realised that this is a joke and by no means Professor Green latest venture.
We wanted to take this April Fool’s to highlight the inefficiencies of supplements in their most common form: tablets.
The Science

In order to benefit from the supplements you take, the nutrients they contain have to survive your harsh stomach acid and reach your small intestine where they will be absorbed into cell walls and enter the bloodstream. 

Studies show that traditional tablet/capsule form vitamins have a surprisingly low nutrient absorption rate, in some cases as low as 5-15%, this means you might only be getting a fraction of the goodness you paid for and you probably won’t feel any real impact for a very long time (if ever!).

Why are pills inefficient?

They’re poor absorption rate is usually down to the pill coating or capsule casing. If it’s not made strong enough, the nutrients it contains will be destroyed by the stomach acid before it reaches the small intestine, but if it’s made too hard, it can fail to break down in time – preventing the nutrients from being fully absorbed.

On top of this, they often contain added nasties such as bulking agents and fillers, which add weight and volume, and anti-caking agents which are just there to prevent the nutrients from clogging up the production machines.

What makes liposomal liquid supplements different (and better!)

Liposomes are like tiny life jackets protecting the nutrients inside them. Their size and structure mimics our own cell membranes which allows them to travel through the digestive system and be absorbed by our own cell walls and deliver the active ingredients.

This allows for very high nutrient absorption of up to 98%.

To find out more about liposomes click here. 

So now that you’re in the know on liquid liposomal supplements, why not give them a try? 

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