Your journey towards a healthier gut and a happier you begins here. This week, we’ll be looking at when and how to incorporate Aguulp for Gut into your daily routine, as well as the benefits of a food diary and how we’ll be using it over the next 12 weeks to help you understand what’s influencing your gut, mood and overall wellbeing.

Food Diary: The Gut Stuff

Prefer a physical diary? We’d recommend heading over to The Gut Stuff to take a look at their gut journal.

The journal allows you to track your food, hydration, mood and digestion over a 6 week period – so if you’re the type of person that prefers writing things down on paper then this journal would be perfect for the first 6 weeks, or purchase two and you’ll be covered for the whole programme!

This easy to navigate journal enables you to track your food, hydration, mood and bowel movement. It will help you to understand how your body is working and will give you a great tool to spot patterns, good or bad.


Alternatively, take a look at our partnership with the Bowelle app.

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