Gut It All

Welcome to the start of your 12-week programme! Here, we’ll share with you everything you need over the next 12 weeks, from information and educational pieces to recipes, useful links and people we have partnered with to help you along the way to obtaining and maintaining a healthier gut and a happier you…


Week 12

It’s the last week of your 12 week programme! We’ve made so many lifestyle changes over the last 12 weeks; from looking at how to improve your diet, sleep and exercise to reducing your stress.  As we’ve said throughout, these 12 weeks have all been about building the foundations for a lifestyle that supports a […]

The Gut-Brain Axis

Week 11

Only two weeks to go until you will have completed the 12 week programme! Everything we’ve touched on so far has been centred around improving our gut health, physical and mental wellbeing. We’ve looked at sleep, stress management and exercise, all of which play a fundamental role in supporting our cognitive function. This week, we […]


Week 10

Much of what we’ve talked about over the last 9 weeks have revolved around your daily habits; sleep, exercise, diet, stress, hydration and when we eat are all contributing factors.  This week we’re just going to cover a couple of habits that have not been mentioned, but should definitely be considered! Below are 8 things […]

Reintroducing Food

Week 8

Throughout these first 8 weeks we’ve been asking you to keep a food diary, noting down how your food intake each day impacts your gut feeling and mood. We’ve then suggested looking for patterns and removing any foods that seem to be causing an upset stomach from your diet.  Hopefully this will have highlighted some […]

Stress & Relaxation

Week 7

You’re officially over halfway through the 12-week programme and adapting your lifestyle to support a healthier gut and as a result, a happier you! This week we’re looking at stress, how it impacts our gut and what we can do to keep us feeling relaxed, or ‘zen’ as the millennials seem to be calling it… […]


Week 6

Well done, that’s five weeks of consistently contributing to improving your gut! Welcome to week six: exercise Fear not, you haven’t joined one of Foxy’s military boot camps, but if the word ‘exercise’ alone makes you want to run for the hills?! do it, it’ll count towards your daily exercise. Exercise is one of the […]

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